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  • It’s Not All About Catching Fish!

    It’s Not All About Catching Fish!

    You don’t HAVE to get up early to catch a speckled trout but look at all you’re missing if you don’t. …

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  • Where are all the drum?

    Where are all the drum?

    I had the privilege of speaking to the Outer Banks Anglers Club again last night. They’re a great group of guys and gals, about a hundred strong now, with a variety of inshore and offshore interests. Find out more about the club at The …

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  • Duck Breeding Population Survey Hits Record High

    Duck Breeding Population Survey Hits Record High

    The picture is of Wyatt’s first widgeon. Based on the following information put together by the South Carolina Waterfowl Association it looks like he’ll have a great chance of killing a few more this year. Now all we need is the weather to get’em here. …

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  • Time for Bears

    Time for Bears

    Summertime is the best time to slip off by yourself or load up the family and go looking for bears. We’ve got a great black bear population in eastern NC but many people have never seen one. They’re more accessible than you realize, you just …

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  • DeHart Girls Go Fishing

    DeHart Girls Go Fishing

    A croaker don’t stand a chance with the DeHart girls. Fishing is in their blood. The local old timers would say they “heired it honest”. But dancing and cheering and music is their blood, too. Only God knows what the future holds but for now, …

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